Nut Butter Recipe Basics

A nut butter is simply a tasty, spreadable edible food made out of nuts. They are spread for consumption and serve a number of purposes. However, the nut butter’s most important ingredient is that it has to be “spreadable”. This means that it can be easily spread onto a variety of food items including breads,Continue reading “Nut Butter Recipe Basics”

Nut Butter Shop: World’s Finest Recipes

If you love eating and trying new things, then you may have been to the nut butter shop at least once. This small, independent, often cart-style shop sells some of the most delicious and sumptuous spreads, cookies, and other items for snacks and other desserts. You can even get a little taste of exotic cuisineContinue reading “Nut Butter Shop: World’s Finest Recipes”

Nut Butter – Healthy, Yet Delicious

Nut butter commonly referred to as “butter” is simply a spiced up spreadable foodstuff prepared by blending nuts into a smooth paste. The consistency of this foodstuff is similar to traditional butter, except that it is not related to dairy. Often, these snacks are prepared by blending nuts with vinegar or other oils. The endContinue reading “Nut Butter – Healthy, Yet Delicious”

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